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If youre looking for something exclusively romantic check out our Valentines Day Drinking Games for 14 Romantic Films. Drink the difference of your score after each round.

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Plus its the best kind of date one you spend in the comfort of your own home.

Reddit drinking games for two. Two Truths and a Lie is a perfect game for two people who are just getting to know each other. UNO as a Drinking Game. The cups move around the table until you sink your ball before the person to the right of you.

No matter what name you call it the main mechanics involve players taking turns trying to blow away cards that are stacked on top of a shot glass or beer bottle. And the good news is that for many of them you dont need any props just the two of you and your alcohol of choice. There are a few chesscheckers games out there.

Drinking games for two are an enjoyable way to get drunk but also an opportunity to get together with a friend or your partner and learn something new about them. N64 or Wii works best The object is to win the race but you cant cross the finish line until you finish your drink. We play two player drinking game Scattergories which is super fun.

Ready to get tipsy. I suggest using small pours of light beer for that though. 14 Drinking Games for 2 Persons.

Every player gets two cans of White Claw. Body shots Strip Tease Dice Sexy Spin the Bottle Flip Sip or Strip Chuckies Coin Drinking Game Horse Race Drinking Game Battle Shots Drinking Game Ride the Bus Drunk Jenga Snapshot and many more. Play games and drink together while staying home alone.

Mind Meld is a drinking game that is ideal for only two players. Loser takes a shot at the end. You have one player who deals a card from the deck and then the second player guesses whether the next dealt card will be higher or lower than the current one.

Notably the game is easy to play and makes you connect to your lover. There are however plenty of drinking games you can play while remaining socially distant that will fill the need for camaraderie. Scroll through our list of Drinking Games for Two.

Strong players drink frequently attempting to finish their can and advance the game as a result. Beer pong is ok with 2 people. We have the Original and Cthulhu versions and find the Original to be best and most.

Jenga as a Drinking Game. Additionally it has a good feedback loop where those who become intoxicated first loose coordination and will miss cans. Pour yourself a mixed drink or crack a beer with a few friends at the start of a Mario Kart race.

You stack your cup on theirs they pass their cup and ball to the next person and they have to drink one of the beers. Heres a selection of fun drinking games that work well played between two. This game is in the group of drinking card games for two and its a simple game.

Flavor is up to you but it MUST BE WHITE CLAW Within the help of an observer the player holds one can in each hand and tape is wrapped around the hand thus occluding any dexterity. How to Play the Best Drinking Games for 2. You do this until all beers are drunk and it becomes harder.

The catch is while youre drinking you must put down not touch your controller while you race you must not touch your beverage. Two Truths and a Lie. Lots of movies have a drinking guide that goes along with them too.

You have to bounce the ping pong ball into the cup and then you can pass to your right. Because each play has two White Claws instead of hands they are now Albino Lobsters. Never Have I Ever.

Take a sip if answered incorrectly. Ive seen persons play flip cup one on one by using 5 cups. This brings me to arguably the best incentivized skill based drinking game Dodge Beer.

If the player guesses right the. When your contestant answers a question correctly you give out a drink sip swig whatever you want to call it and on correctly answered daily doubles and final Jeopardy you give out 2 drinks. Its an activity thats relaxing for both of you.

If you have been best friends for years and know everything about each other or you have been in a relationship for. Doubles is a fun exciting drinking game designed for you guessed it two players. Once they finish their can they can throw and defend for their teammates to further push their advantage.

With categories from best friends and drinking to sexy couples and truth or dare Doubles contains hours of hilarious party fun whether youre playing with a buddy or. Fluxx the card game is a great drinking game. Cheers to the Governor.

Fifty Shades of Grey. There are two cups with two ping pong balls. It is also known as Bottle Blow Beer Blow or Blow the Deck.

Watch and laugh as players struggle to check their phones hit. In fact having more than two players makes this game more complex and less interesting. 3 If you or one of the other players can answer the question before the contestants on the show then they give out a drink.

Blow the Cards is a simple card game that you should add to your list of must-try fun drinking games for two. Keep reading to learn about each game. Full of twists and easy to play.

So much fun at brunch with mimosas. Drinking Games for Two. From Screw the Dealer to a Harry Potter -themed drinking game there are tons of fun drinking games for two players 4 players or large groups on.

Socially distancing has changed the way we interact with family friends and coworkers and an unforeseen casualty of socially distancing has been the demise of the traditional beloved after-work happy hours. If youre scores match divide it in half and both drink that amount. Yahtzee as a Drinking Game.

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