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Despite what you think about your teeth there are always people with worse teeth than you. This often creates a pile-on effect where bad or failing teeth leave a person unable to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables leading to.

What Happens If I Leave A Cracked Or Broken Tooth Untreated

That experience is largely absent from public conversation.

Living with bad teeth reddit. I had seen dentists whos price I could afford and accepted state run medical aid and ended up with fillings falling out crowns failing etc. Im not ugly and Im a very funny person but my teeth were always the problem because it crippled my confidence and I cant tell you how many girls gave me the signals that they were. They never took my families calls again and subsequently my.

The other time was a couple years ago when I was still covered by state insurance or whatnot and they basically cleaned up a bit told me how bad of a state I was in prescribed some stuff to get rid of the infection I had at the time then told me to start brushing and all and to schedule another appointment in the near future. I had been living with multiple broken teeth for years. In fact my boss loves bad teeth.

I feel like theres this social construct that says that anyone with bad teeth is poor or stupid or bad because they have bad teeth. The most important thing is fresh smelling breath even still I see tons of guys who chew tobacco who have. Despite what Hollywood wants you to believe the American expectation that teeth should be a lustrous white is quite literally inhuman.

In horror films teeth are easy shorthand for body horror. We get that please dont be too ashamed to see a dentist. I live in the USA and cannot afford insurance to get it fixed.

Some people wont have that option. I live on my own and I dont have the money to go to a dentist. OP posted to the subreddit RConfessions taking about how fcking awful his tooth pain was.

Joined Jul 31 2015. But embarrassment does have its advantages. Easy-to-embarrass people do have a tendency to believe that others see them as somehow inadequate 1.

Im fortunate that my husband has good insurance through his work so Im able to get the dental care I need. Bluebell99 Fri 28-Jun-13 172451. But still theres a yearly cap for coverage so I have to do one thing at a time.

There are several health problems that come from living with bad teeth and they can greatly affect your quality of life. Youre not a bad person for having tooth decay. You may envy those who seem to be able to visit a dentist without a care in the world.

His wide set eyes and strong nose most of his facial bone structure actually my stocky. There are really bad teeth issues that I just cant deal with. It is highly unlikely that your dentist hasnt seen teeth as bad as yours yet many people think they will have the worst teeth a dentist has ever seen.

She got the worst traits of both my husband and I. Not all days but most my teeth hurt and I have no way to stop the pain. The good news is that the mortification is mostly in your own mind.

Have you talked with your dentist about this and see what they suggest. Honestly I think as long as you regularly brush your teeth and you still have all of them most women wont notice. 1 Cjc Junior member.

Im afraid that Im very judgemental about people with bad teeth. Nothing worse than looking at a gobful of shrapnel. Here are some piccies of what dentists may see on a regular basis if youd rather not look press the back button.

Its simply not true. Know your teeth are not that bad. Its like I can feel them decaying away and it seriously HURTS.

It looks awful neglectful and generally repulsive. You have lots of work to be done I hope you can trust your dentist now it will make this process a lot easier. I am only 21 and i cant really understand whats happening.

Movies also use dental problems to convey a certain level of depravity. Just to look at me is 150-300 and I dont have money like that at all. I have filling for pretty all my inner tooth the count should be around 15 and my teeth are kind of yellow between white and very yellow like theres still white but its mostly yellow and no missing to.

Im caucasian my husband is Native American. Add message Report See all. My gums and teeth hurt daily.

Im the OP and I have really bad teeth. Before I had insurance Id put. Dental care especially in the USA is incredibly expensive.

I also have a few teeth that look bad. Level 1 3y. I felt bad and my confidence was terrible I always tried to not to laugh or covered my mouth with my hand spoke in a certain way that my teeth dont show etc you know all this stuff and girls notice this.

The main argument was that as a grown adult yellow teeth are a sign of bad hygiene being a smoker and other personal problems. This is the story of Reddit user uTomato_Juice99 and it will make your heart flutter. Almost every single one of my teeth is decaying and bad.

Our chompers are naturally more of a cream. A combination of pregnancy making them brittle and bruxism teeth grinding and clenching left me with daily pain. If I had the money to get.

An unhealthy mouth no matter the cause often attracts bacteria that cause gum disease gingivitis mouth sores and extensive tooth loss. She wont wish it upon you but it. One is a malformed adult tooth one is crooked from running into a piano when I was a child there are a few gaps between a few teeth.

Good luck and keep us posted. When all of this is over you are going to be much happier and I cant wait to see that. Dealing with bad teeth is very hard physically and psychologically and lots of people are unaware how it can affect a person.

I dont think fluffiphiox comments are helpful who cares about her judgy pants or that she pays by credit card. Hope you guys enjoyed this video Follow my other social media for more fun updates. But most of the time these articles do not deal with living with bad teeth.

What little insurance would cover left me on waiting lists for 9-12 months at a. As our daughter matures and believe me I hate myself for saying this please dont lambast me it just is a logical fact shes very physically unattractive. Did you arrive on this page via a Google search.

Since my teeth became like that I havent had the warm feeling that laughing or even smiling gives you. What Its Like to Live With Bad Teeth. Weve seen it in Oldboy Marathon Man American Horror Story The Blair Witch Project on and on.

Where ugly teeth go ugly. There may be something about your teeth such as the crooked tooth in the front the gap in between the top and bottom teeth or their color that you think is so apparent and awful that no one will ever want to look at you. Not everyone who has bad teeth is embarrassed about visiting the dentist.

This topic of conversation just came up at work and I was surprised to say many people were almost hostile to dating people with yellow teeth or simply badly aligned or whatever.

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