Is Bunion Surgery Worth It Reddit

Do NOT listen to other peoples bunion. Depending on the severity of the bunion surgery patients could take up to a year to recover.

Bunion Surgery Update 2 Weeks Post Op Bunions

I think 6 weeks.

Is bunion surgery worth it reddit. Yes if you have pain every day in your foot around the bunion. I shot this update last year but didnt get to post it till now. I was on crutches from end of October when I got it done through to early December.

It relieves pain and fixes the problem. I would say it is worth it but each person will have a different end result and as such a different view on that. And my mom had it done at the premier hospital in NYC.

Sorry it took forever for this update. This length of recovery is rare but possible so you could be unable to return to the active daily lifestyle you might be used to so if you opt for surgery prepare to shelf those running shoes for a few months. I totally regret having it done and cant stop blaming myself.

I have bunions and bunionettes on my feet and no orthopedic surgeon will approve me for surgery. I had the surgery just before Halloween in 2010 so the details may be fuzzy but this is what I remember. The worst part is that I constantly have calluses and I am tired of having to buy special stickers to remove them.

Surgery for bunions involves more than just simply shaving the boney protrusion. I am worse than before. Its a lot more complicated than it looks.

Just because you have one doesnt mean you should rush to surgery. I am still in physical therapy under 2nd Dr care. I wear the appropriate shoes but was told on multiple occasions that they are.

Hello Im 19 and have had bunions ever since around the age of 8-9 also realized lately underpronation. Bunions are common annoying and painful. It typically requires that the deviated bones to be structurally realigned.

My procedure was scarf with akin osteotomy and shortening of my second toe which had started to hammer anyway I belive the shortening of the second toe was partly due to. I think it even got a little. Hi I had bunion surgery on July the 28th the first week and half I was in terrible pain not goin to lie it hurts day in and day out the first two weeksBut now my pain has subsided but still got swelling every now and then but the Doctor told thats normal it may go on like that for 6 months to a year other than that I am glad I did it because it was causing me so much pain in my feetThe recovery will take a minute but in the end I think its well worth.

Some people simply avoid surgery because they may have heard some misnomers that guide their decision. She believes it was worth it but — looking back on her many weeks of post-surgical pain and incapacitation for each foot — I wont do it for my own bunions unless its absolutely necessary. But dont ignore it either as untreated bunions can lead to.

The possible complications that can happen include. I would never do it on a patient unless theyre absolutely insisting on it and know the consequences. Is Hammertoe Surgery Worth it.

Im not sure of the name of the surgery but my foot was broken in 3 places and set with pins. I think Ive done a good job of taking care of them but this past year Ive been on my feet a lot at work which has definitely worsened them. Our minimally invasive hammertoe surgery corrects the alignment of the foot and allows for pain-free movement.

Medical bills are not being covered by insurance any longer. I F25want surgery to remove my bunions not because they hurt but because they are now impacting my confidence. You may experience pain after surgery before the joint is completely healed you may experience some pain for about 2-3 months.

Now to address our titular topic. She had to continue wearing dress shoes so she continued to have foot issues related to it. Is Bunion Surgery Worth It.

The appointment where I was cleared to go back to my normal workout was in early February but I could. Milder bunions are corrected with bone cuts close to the big toe joint. Since not walking correctly my legs and back are out of wack.

Surgery is commonly performed to correct the problem. Bunion surgery can pose a risk for one or more of the following complications. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

So two years ago I got bunion surgery on. Interesting question that can be answered yes and no. This can make it uncomfortable for you to walk around affecting your daily activities.

Now having other problems from the surgery. I had bunion Surgery 9mths ago and still cant walk on left Foot. If your bunion hurts or is otherwise interfering with your life then minimally invasive bunion surgery is worth it.

My Bunion Surgery – 1 Year Later – Was it Worth It. For many the answer is a resounding yes Thats because hammertoe surgery includes all of the following benefits. Other situations need individual assessment and it is best to consult with a qualified professional.

The bunion surgery appears to have sorted other issues with my foot as well but only time will tell if this is the case. Is hammertoe surgery with it. Bunion surgeries just like any other type of surgery can be risky.

Surgery is the only way that you can remove a bunion. Anyway I took a shower last night and not even 5 minutes into it I felt pain in my left leg left bunion is way worse than right. Bunion removal surgery may reduce pain improve appearanceand let you go barefoot in public for the first time.

My mother had it done and said that for her it wasnt worth it. We really try to avoid doing bilateral foot bunion surgeries because its so hard on the patient. I imagine if you swore off whatever type of shoe you had been wearing before that caused the issues it might be.

Everyones bunions are different so dont listen to other people who had bad experiences or whatever. Theres so many angles and biomechanics that go into it.

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