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Httpsbitly2ZTPelB This gameplay footage is from a preview build for Pa. Unless creators are trolling and Gem Harvest is about Crystal Gems doing farm stuff soon we will know more about the concept of harvesting gems.

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Gem harvest reddit. Now to see if we get some small bits of what Gem harvesting is from Peridot. Doesnt seem too likely but it came to mind when you mentioned Thanksgiving. So far we know a gem can be puffed shattered or corrupted.

Shades of magenta and purple. A special double-length episode it was written and storyboarded by Raven M. The room on the left contains a wisdom gem in a harvesting device.

Peridot introduced the concept here. Skip to 201 if you just want to hear the theories. It takes up the production slots of the 8th and 9th episodes of the fourth season of Steven Universe and the 111th and 112th episodes overall.

Screenshots from Gem Harvest have been leaked If youre avoiding spoilers now would be the time to begin taking your usual precautions on YouTube Tumblr Twitter and other social media sites. 1 Architecture 2 Map 3 Trivia 4 See also The rooms are similar to those of the basement but in a new color scheme. Steven attempts to host a famiy dinner with Any Greg and the GemsSubscribe for more Cartoon Network fun.

Dont forget that until next Monday November 21st all topics about Gem Harvest must be marked as spoilers after they are posted by looking for the Tag As Spoiler link under the post clicking it and confirming. And if you wanna see and talk about the newly released leaks feel free to do so on rSULeaks. Pearl Amethyst Lapis and Peridot joins Garnet in a huddle and look at Steven.

Stevens autumn visit to the barn brings a new stranger into his life. Here is a quick video on my predictions for what the episode Gem Harvest will be about. You can pick these so-called fairy stones or fairy crosses right off the ground in Fairy Stone State Park in Stuart Virginia.

More Gem Hunting Sites Open to the Public. Gem Harvest is a 22-minute special episode. Its going to be interesting to see how his new hatred of Steven plays out across the episode.

Gems dont have family. Gem Harvest is the eighth episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series Steven Universe. Maybe Steven mentions harvest in the beginning Peridot freaks and explains what that means for a gem and then Steven explains what he means.

The episode was first broadcast on Cartoon Network on November 17 2016 and was. Molisee Paul Villeco Hilary Florido and Lauren Zuke. Some of them are common theories but I decided to talk about them anyway since I do support themThis i.

The Gems begin to harvest. Vox shares his predictions on what might happen in this half h. At least not before we came here.

I think gem harvesting has something to do with the injectors used at the kindergartens. On the right there are two broken pipes. Staurolite gems can form in natural cross shapes that have inspired numerous legends.

Smiles at Steven and he smiles back So for the sake of our family tell us what to do. Its time to reveal what is Gem Harvesting. READ DESCRIPTION Gem Harvest is one of the most anticipated episodes of Steven Universe yet.

There was a rumour going round that Gem Harvest would air on Thanksgiving — which got reported by a whole load of news articles and ended up having come from someones comment on rSULeaks. The gem harvester is a location in Submachine Universe. Steven attempts to host a famiy dinner with Any Greg and the GemsWatch more videos on the go get the Cartoon Networks Watch And Play app here.

Learn more about the upcoming league in our in-depth preview only on PC Invasion. This really got me thinking about theories for Gem harvesting so d. So yeah this might be a byproduct of that rumour.

One is dripping a liquid and the other has electricity arcing between the break. The Injectors by there very name and coming from an automotive background are use to inject something into the ground Ive long thought that what the injectors injected was either gem shards or some kind of ground gem.

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